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Five-year wedding anniversary gift Idea

Has it really been FIVE YEARS since you said, “I do?” Congratulations. You’re no longer newlyweds. This milestone marks 1,725 days of building a solid foundation for many happy years ahead. It’s no coincidence that the traditional five-year wedding anniversary gift is wood. Trees soar to new heights, reach for the sun and grow roots deep into the earth. Trees are also strong, providing shelter from the rain, shade from the sun, and kindle that flames the fire. Whether you are giving a five-year anniversary gift to your special someone or celebrating with a favorite couple, here are a few wood-themed ideas to make this milestone extra special.


Photo of Teddy Bears Sitting on Wood


Take a Hike

  • Few things replenish the soul like the beauty of nature. Pack some cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and a bottle of wine, and explore a local hiking trail. Converse and connect without distraction (read: no phone, email or social media), and enjoy a scenic picnic alongside that perfect creek or in a meadow. You could even surprise that special someone with a fully stocked picnic backpack complete with dishes, cups and, of course, a corkscrew.



Classic Pocket wacth

  • One thing that I wonder is the meaning of giving watches as gifts. How I like the TAG Heuer watches men’s collection as a gift to my husband. Watch is a practical gift that can be worn daily. For me giving  a watch to my husband expresses a wonderful time that we spend together and each time he sees the time on his watch, he would always remember that time is more valuable because I am a part of his life in every minute.

    I believe that the symbolic meaning of giving watch greatly depends on how the giver represents it and how the receiver values it. Time is gold as they say in a motto so I think when you receive a watch; you are a precious person in the life of those who gave it.

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